What does "OEM Bulb with Generic Housing" mean?

We get our bulbs from the six major lamp manufacturers that television/projector manufacturers (i.e. Sony, Mitsubishi, Samsung, etc.) use in their lamps, while we have our own manufacturer for the housing unit that surrounds the lamp. These lamps are designed to give you the exact same performance as one bought from the original manufacturer at a fraction of the price.

Can I buy just the lamp or the housing on its own?

Unless otherwise specified on the product page on our site, all of our lamps come complete with the lamp and housing, we do not stock the individual parts.

Do you sell anything else, like ballasts or color wheels?

Unfortunately, we only sell lamp and housing units.

How long is the warranty on your products?

Unless otherwise specified on an individual product's page, all of our lamps come with a warranty of 270 days from the date of purchase. Should you have any trouble in that period, please contact our RMA department so you can be set up with a return for a replacement or a refund.

How long do these lamps last?

Lamp lifetime varies by a number of factors (model and age of television/projector, regular usage), but most units are rated around 2000+ hours.

On your website, the description of my lamp says "OEM Bulb with Generic Housing" The lamp I received is an OSRAM, even though Sony says it should be a PHILIPS. Is this a problem?

All of our lamps come from one of the following six major lamp manufacturers and are considered OEM: PHILIPS, OSRAM, USHIO, PHOENIX, MATSUSHITA, IWASAKI. Though a different lamp may be in there, we ensure that the best lamp possible for your television/projector is sent to you. If, however, this is a problem, please feel free to contact us and we will help you return it for a refund.


Do I have to create an account to place an order with you?

In order to place an order with us, you will need to create an account through our website. This process is quick and only requires basic contact information (Name, address, e-mail, phone) that we do NOT share with any other services.

How could I set up a school purchase order?

Please fax (626-898-9637) or e-mail (service@apexlamps.com) your purchase order, along with an authorized billing address, a phone number and an e-mail address to us. The usual processing time for a purchase order is within 1 business day.


When will my package ship out?

Any order placed before 3:00 pm Pacific Time, Monday-Friday, will be shipped out the same day.
Any order placed after 3:00 pm Pacific Time, will be shipped out the following business day.
Any order placed over the weekend will be shipped out the following Monday.

How long will it take to ship this lamp to me?

All of our shipping within the United States is done through UPS, through whom we carry the following shipping options:

UPS Ground

UPS Ground shipping time varies depending on where you are in the US. For a guide on how long this shipping would take to your location, please consult the following picture:

UPS 3-Day

UPS 3-Day shipping will arrive in 3 business days (not counting Saturday or Sunday) by the end of the day.

UPS 2-Day Air

UPS 2-Day shipping will arrive in 2 business days (not counting Saturday or Sunday) by the end of the day.

UPS Next Day Air

UPS Next Day shipping will arrive the next business day (not counting Saturday or Sunday) between 10:30 am and 12:30 pm.

Does UPS Ship on Saturdays?

Normally UPS does not ship on Saturdays, however if you are ordering either 2-Day Air or Next Day Air, you can select an additional option on our shipping page for UPS Saturday Delivery for an additional $17.40, that will allow for delivery on Saturday. For best results in placing an order with Saturday Delivery, please place them on the following days:

2-Day Air with Saturday Delivery: Thursday
Next Day Air with Saturday Delivery: Friday


Does the date of purchase count as the first business day?

No. The first business day of shipping would be its first full day in transit.

(Example: A package ships out Monday. Tuesday will be considered the first business day, Wednesday the second, etc.)

How securely will my package be shipped?

Every lamp we ship out comes in an individual cardboard box surrounded by dense packing foam. We then place this in a larger box filled with packing peanuts for a second layer of protection. Should your package arrive damaged, please contact us as soon as possible so we can contact UPS and set up a damage claim for you.

Do you have a store? Can I pick up a lamp from you directly?

We do have a location where lamps can be picked up located in Alhambra, California (just outside of Los Angeles), but we are not a full storefront. In order to pick up a lamp here, you would have to purchase a lamp through our website using either credit card or PayPal before coming in to pick it up. We do NOT accept cash in store.


Do you have any technical support staff on site?

Unfortunately, we do not have any dedicated technical support staff on site. Our returns staff can answer basic questions regarding problems with your lamp/television/projector, but for any in-depth analysis or troubleshooting tips, please contact your manufacturer's technical support line.

For answers to some basic questions, please see the FAQ's below:

Do I have to hire someone to install this?

No. All of our lamps come in the housing for added ease of installation, no professional assistance is required.

Is there anything I should know about handling my lamp?

While you can handle the housing without any trouble, the one part of your lamp you want to avoid touching at all costs is the lens at the front. Oils from your fingers can damage the lens when heated during normal use, and can cause premature failure. If you do touch the lens during installation, please clean it with a smooth, dry cloth.

I have just installed a lamp and I'm still getting no picture. Is this a problem with my lamp?

Maybe. Please check that the lamp is properly seated and plugged in, and that the cover is screwed securely over it, as most projectors and televisions will not light with the cover open as a safety feature. If it still does not fire after checking all of these factors, it might be an issue with your lamp or your television/projector; please contact your manufacturer's technical support line for more information.

The picture has gone out, but I still hear sound from my television. Is this a problem with my lamp?


My television sometimes takes multiple attempts to start up, or sometimes takes longer and longer to start up. Is this a problem with my lamp?

Probably, though it could also be an issue with your power supply/ballast.

I heard a loud bang and suddenly I have no picture. Is this a problem with my lamp?

Yes. More than likely your lamp has blown. To verify, you will need to open up your television/projector to inspect the lamp. CAUTION: If a lamp has blown, there may be broken glass, please be careful when inspecting.

I just installed my lamp and am still receiving a message saying that the lamp is nearing the end of its life. Is this a problem with my lamp?

Not necessarily. Most likely, the television/projector's timer needs to be reset, as it is still reading the hours left on your previously installed unit. Please consult your owner's manual or your manufacturer's technical support line for information on how to do this.

I just installed my lamp and it is flickering. Is this a problem with my lamp?

Maybe. As there is mercury inside the lamp, it will be gasified when the lamp is turned on. During the gasification process, the lamp may flicker, but should stop after a few minutes. If it continues after a few minutes, there may be a problem with the lamp.

I just installed my lamp and there is a smell of burning plastic. Is this a problem with my lamp?

Maybe. A slight burning smell can be normal for the first few hours of use, however if the smell persists or gets worse, it could be the lamp overheating, please shut down your unit to prevent any further problems.

My screen has a yellow/blue/green tint or has gone black & white. Is this a problem with my lamp?

No. Lamps themselves only pump out white light, issues with color are an issue with the television/projector, either because of an aging LCD panel, or because of a bad color wheel. Please consult your manufacturer's technical support line for troubleshooting on this.

A number of white dots have appeared on the screen. Is that a problem with the lamp?

Not likely. Check the lens of your projector/television and lamp first for any debris that might be causing image issues. If there is no debris, it is most likely a problem with the DMD chip, which will need to be replaced.

Why is the lamp you sent not fitting?

It could be any number of things. Please first double-check the model # of your television to ensure that the correct lamp was ordered.

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