Avoid Relamping and Bare Lamps!

Avoid bare lamps for your projector!

::: Keep Your Projector Safe :::

Avoid bare lamps for your TV!

::: Keep Your TV Safe :::

Improper installation of a bare lamp may result in a short circuit. In extreme cases, it may also cause a fire. Buying a complete lamp with housing / cage will ensure the bare lamp is seated and installed properly, minimizing the risk of damaging your projector.

::: Potential Mercury Dangers :::


Projector lamps contain mercury which is very poisonous. When refurbishing a bare lamp to the old cage / housing, there is a risk that some mercury may leak and be left on the old housing. This is a potential health hazard to those who carry out the refurbishment and to the users of refurbished lamps. 


The Re-Lamping process requires the bulb to be physically forced out of its housing and can result in the bulb being damaged. If you purchase a lamp with housing, you will not have to go through this process.

::: Potential Depreciation of Connectors :::


As the connectors in a Re-Lamped lamp are old and have been used time and time again, these can become less effective and often fray. This can cause the connectors to twist together or overlap and could lead to short circuiting the lamp and projector, an obvious and massive electrical hazard.


Connectors also become worn after use and depreciate in quality over time. This can influence the stability of electrical supply resulting in image flickering or even damaging the projector. A brand new lamp with housing always come with new connectors, avoiding this issue completely.

::: Potential Damage to Housing :::

In order to remove the bare bulb, the old lamp housing has to be taken apart, something which most manufacturers have not planned for and therefore not made an easy task. Most projector lamp housings are not designed to allow easy access to the bare bulb and often have to be broken open during replacement. If the housing has to be broken it can be difficult to rebuild the plastic (often impossible to get it back to its original condition). This means the lamp module often will not fit correctly into the projector and can cause improper focusing as well as a fire risk. A brand new lamp in housing unit will easily help you avoid these problems.

::: The Dangers of Dust :::

The longer a projector lamp is used, the greater the buildup of dust will be around the bulb and housing. This dust buildup has proved to be difficult to 100% remove, even for experienced engineers. These dust particles will hold extra heat within the housing and will disrupt the necessary air flow to cool the lamp. Both of these factors will shorten lamp life and can cause the projector to overheat or malfunction, possibly risking a fire hazard. Buying a brand new lamp with housing prevents any hazard from existing dust buildup, and will generally prove the safest route to go.

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