Say NO to Generic Lamps!

What is the product we sell? What are Original Bulbs?

Our lamp and housing units come with an OEM bare bulb manufactured by one of the world’s well-known bulb manufacturers such as Philips (Dutch company), Osram (German), Ushio (Japanese), or Phoenix (Japanese).

All these bulb manufacturers have high standards for production and possess their own patents for the bulbs they produce.

All projector manufacturers like Sanyo / Sony / Infocus also approve and use lamps from these manufacturers in their projectors.

Using an OEM bulb will give you the same quality level as an original old lamp, so you can rest assured know that what you are buying is NOT a copy / knock-off product. You will also get 180-day warranty with this OEM bulb, ensuring excellent coverage should anything unfortunate occur.


How can you identify generic lamps from other sellers?

By the product description:
From our observations, the most common wordings other sellers may use to market generic lamps are:
Equivalent Lamps / Equivalent Bulbs
Compatible Lamps / Compatible Bulbs
OEM Equivalent Lamps / Bulbs
OEM Compatible Lamps / Bulbs

By the pricing:
Generic lamp manufacturers use inferior materials to produce their lamps, therefore their products can be sold for cheap. However, there is no guarantee to the quality of the product. If the selling price of a generic lamp seems too good to be true, it probably is. If the price you find is substantially lower than other resellers, please take caution before placing your order.


Risks of using a generic lamp:

Intellectual Property Rights
Generic lamps may infringe intellectual property rights. To respect the spirit of intellectual property and encourage innovation, please stay away from generic lamps.

Damages to your TV or Projector
Generic lamps can easily explode and cause damage to your machine. The scattered glass from the explosion may hit other internal parts and cause serious damage to some key components in the machine, such as the color wheel. Also, some of the housing units that a generic lamp manufacturer use are not properly manufactured, which can result in a short circuit and damage the ballast of your television/projector.

Intermittent Performance
Due to the poor product quality of a generic lamp, the lamp may not be as stable as an original lamp manufactured by the approved bulb manufacturers as mentioned above.

If you don’t want to be embarrassed while you are making your presentation, or you want to stay tuned while watching the big game, stay away from generic lamps!

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