BARCO R9841761 Replacement Lamp
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Replacement projector lamps for the following
Projector Models:
BARCO iQ G350 (Single Lamp)
BARCO iQ G350 PRO (Single Lamp)
BARCO iQ G400 (Single Lamp)
BARCO iQ G400 PRO (Single Lamp)
BARCO iQ G500 (Single Lamp)
BARCO iQ G500 PRO (Single Lamp)
BARCO iQ R350 (Single Lamp)
BARCO iQ R350 PRO (Single Lamp)
BARCO iQ R400 (Single Lamp)
BARCO iQ R400 PRO (Single Lamp)
BARCO iQ R500 (Single Lamp)
BARCO iQ R500 PRO (Single Lamp)
BARCO iQ350 Series (Single Lamp)
BARCO iQ350 Series (Single)
BARCO iQ400 Series (Single Lamp)
BARCO iQ400 Series (Single)
BARCO iQ500 Series (Single)
BARCO MP G15 (Single Lamp)

Original Part Number:
BARCO R9841761

This projector is equipped with a dual (twin) lamp system.
To ensure optimal brightness and image quality, it is recommended that you change both lamps at the same time.
The price listed on our website is only for 1 (single) unit. If you need to change both lamps, please order 2 units in the shopping cart.

Projector Manufacturer:
SKU: R9841761
Lamp Wattage:
STD Life Time:
No. of Lamps Inside The Machine:
Original Bulb Manufacturer:
The above specification is released by the projector manufacturer, for reference only. The actual life time may vary depending on the working environment
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Important Reminder - Avoid Relamping and Bare Lamps!
This lamp is sold complete with Module and Housing included. Others sell only the Lamp or Bulb which requires manual installation involving removing the old lamp and rewiring the new lamp into the existing housing. By purchasing the Complete Module and Housing installation is safe, quick and easy.
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GSA Information

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GSA Contract # GS03F0063Y

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